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AVOXimeter® 1000

  AVOXimeter® 1000 Quick, Reliable Measurements
The AVOXimeter 1000E measures:

1. oxygen saturation (for diagnosing shunts)
2. oxygen content (for Fick Principle calculations)
3. total hemoglobin concentration
Ideal for adult and pediatric use.
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Compliance Guide for AVOXimeter 1000E
AVOXimeter 1000E Whole Blood CO-Oximeter

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  AVOXimeter Cuvettes®

Safe, Convenient, Disposable Cuvettes
No sample preparation. Simply inject sample into cuvette, and insert cuvette into oximeter. Results appear in less than 10 seconds. Almost no maintenance required.

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  Data Management & Hemodynamic Calculations
Data Management & Hemodynamic Calculations
Stores 100 samples in memory. Each record can include time, date, patient number, and anatomical site, e.g. RA, PA, LV, etc. Calculations include Fick cardiac output, estimated O2 uptake. Interface to printer or computer.
  Maximum Quality Control with Minimum Effort

Maximum Quality Control with Minimum Effort
Quick and easy optical QC reduces the need for costly, time-consuming aqueous controls. Proficiency testing material also available.
  Advantages in Pediatric Cardiology

Advantages in Pediatric Cardiology
Small blood sample (50 µl)

No interference from bilirubin, hemolysis, carboxy-, met-, or fetal hemoglobin. Label each sample with oximetry site.

  You can find additional information at Avox Systems Inc. web site:
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