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MTM® Shield Resuscitator

  MTM® Shield Resuscitator The MTM Shield combines the effectiveness of our long-established best selling MTM Mouth to Mask Resuscitator with the light weight, compactness and portability of other shield-type resuscitators. It can be attached to the rescuer's belt by its belt loop or key ring so that it is quickly accessible in an emergency.

Single Use
Product Code - 201
$9.00 Each USD

  • One-way valve delivers performance well in excess of the minimum requirement of 800ml of air per inflation.
  • One-way valve has patient exhaust port for re-breathed air, and ergonomic patient mouthpiece.
  • One size fits all patients and soft faceshield allows for an excellent seal.
  • Circular rescuer mouthpiece facilitates attachment to bag-valve-mask and powered resuscitators if required.
  • Designed for use in temperatures from -35°C to +60°C(-31°F to +140 °F).
  • Weighs less than 70g (2.5oz).
  • NOT for use with infants.
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